Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday and Easter!!

Well this has been a fun month so far... First I had my Birthday which was so amazing because I got to spend it with friends and the man that I love.  I went out to sushi with some friends and even got to eat Costco cake (seriously my all time favorite!) and i honestly had the best time!!  I brought everyone goodie bags, Elementary school style and dinosaur party hats ha ha yes!!! what party is complete without dino party hats?  All in all it was so much fun I just love all the girls that came :)

But I have to say my very favorite part of the day was when I got home....I walked in and there were ten presents sitting on the floor and Austin had surprised me and set up a game where i had to pick obstacles out of the jar and in order to get my present i had to complete that obstacle....ha ha it was the best way to open presents ever!! There were so many fun games to play, one included a quiz about us and another I had to be blindfolded and taste 10 different flavors from our favorite yogurt place and identify each one.  That one was my favorite! He got me so many fun things but the best was present #10!! It was a new camera for when we travel!!!Ahhhh I was so so so excited :)  He is so wonderful I love him so much!!!  He is honestly my best friend and comes up with the most amazing and fun ideas.   He really made my birthday special.
Well that weekend we all went to Arizona to celebrate Easter with Brit, Seth, Madi and new baby Mya.  I had such a wonderful time I love going out there to see them.  And it was awesome because I played with my new camera the whole weekend and took a million pictures of Madi she was so fun to photograph here are a few I took.  I cant wait till i get photoshop and then I can really make them look sweet :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

5k Derby Days Race

Well on saturday Austin and I ran in a 5k out in Santa Anita. Austin had a hurt foot and I didnt train at all ha ha but it was super fun. We ended on the Santa Anita horse race track which I thought would be cool but when you are tired running on dirt and sand it isnt the best. But it was all for a good cause so all in all it was awesome!
After the race :)
Photo finish!
ha ha yes austin with the derby days horse!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So Austin was playing soccer last week and he jumped up to hit the ball and then came down on his foot weird and really hurt it. It seriously looks like he is a fat corpse, his foot is SO swollen and is black and blue everywhere....and he lost his toe nail to top it all off...GROSS! ha ha thought I would share.