Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Egypt Part TWO

Dahab and Mount Sinai

So after an 8 hour bus ride we arrived in Dahab....such an awesome town I loved it there!! Its a little beach town right on the red sea. We were so tired when we got there that we just passed out...but the next day we explored the town.

I love the no camels on the beach sign....

so pretty

just some random sights of the town

They had a whole street of these amazing restaurants right on the colorful and so pretty all lit up at night

The Red Sea and ME

This was an old broken down building on the boardwalk but I just loved this picture and the sun shining through

After checking out Dahab we were off to hike Mt. Sinai. This was one of the most amazing experiences ever. You leave for the hike at about 11:30 at night and ride a small mini van for an hour out to the mountain. The hike starts at around 1:30 am....and it is EXTREMELY cold!

There are hundreds of people that are hiking but you have a guide and your own group. We had about 9 in our group and once we got our guide we were off.... Honestly it was SO incredible at night, it was pitch black with no light whatsoever and you are hiking through these canyons with the most vivid stars overhead. I loved every second! I saw about 7 shooting stars and that is only when we stopped to rest....all in all it was INCREDIBLE

here is my attempt to try and capture the stars....I was so rushed cause we were in the middle of hiking...and that is hard to do with such a long shutter speed

After 2 1/2 hours of hiking you come to the "750 steps"...yes that is right Seven hundred and fifty steps that is the actual name....ha ha the last thing I wanted to do was climb up that many steps...but we did it :)

Once at the top they have all of these Bedouin huts set up so that you can have some hot chocolate and tea before the sun rises.... It was a cold wait. Here is Austin with some of our group

The sun not up yet...but still so beautiful

snuggling up...trying to stay warm...and watching the sun rise

my favorite breathtaking...probably the most gorgeous sunrise I have EVER seen

views after the sun came up....ha ha so that is what we were hiking through in the middle of the never would have known

It was so amazing to think that Moses hiked up these mountains at one time...just amazing

The hike back down....for some reason this was so much more exhausting to me....probably because I did a 3 hour hike in freezing cold weather and hadnt slept

some sights on the way could rent camels to help you walk up or down the mountain...I just love camels they make me laugh

Egypt was amazing, I almost wish we would have spent more time there....such kind people and such beautiful places. My favorite was Mt. Sinai what an incredible experience, one that I will always cherish.

Now off to Israel

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Egypt & Israel Clip

Here ya go... Here's some footage from our mini-trip to Egypt and Israel. If you want to watch it in HD, watch it on Vimeo. Sorry for the clumsy camera work... oh and I didn't think the Bedouin funk was appropriate for such sacred sites... and was too lazy to find something to fill the silence.

The Holy Land from Austin Walk on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Egypt Part ONE

Cairo Egypt

First I want to give a shout out to Turkish Airlines....pretty much amazing! We took a flight at 11:30 at night to Cairo Egypt and the flight was only 1 hour and 55 min and they gave us a full blown menu and meal!!! Now THAT is my kind of airline!!

This was sooo good (roasted veggies, rice and beef kebabs) Is that weird? Good airplane food?

We got into Cairo Airpot at 2 in the morning so we slept there till about 8 and then headed out to go see the pyramids....they were so awesome!

I just had to do this....Its like not leaning on the leaning tower of Pisa ha ha

I loved the Sphinx and Pyramids they were so massive....and amazing!

next it was time to get some dinner before we took the bus to Dahab...

so we had THIS... its kosheri (im not sure if I spelled that right) but Austin swore it was tasty tasty...and he was right!! YUM! Its like noddle goodness!

Crazy Cairo...

These were just some random lights but they were hanging all over the city....I thought they were so cool

Cairo was the craziest city that I have ever been to, but I had such a good time :)

Off to Dahab and to climb mount Sinai!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turkey part 3

Its an ancient Roman and Greek city on the west coast of Anatolia, it is absolutely amazing, and the coolest thing is you can touch and crawl in and out of everything I loved it! And to think that Apostle Paul preached all over this city, it made it so special!

One of my favorite parts of the whole city was the Library of Celsus, it was incredible!!
there was so much detail, it was beautiful!

little fact: It used to hold about 12,000 neat!

this was on the wall inside the looked so cool!

just some more sites, I loved all of the columns
So while we were walking around and exploring we found this building that we had to crawl to, we got even more curious and ended up hoisting ourselves up onto these barred window sills....behind the bars were all of these tombs, or tomb stones, it was amazing!! Definitely something that was NOT on the tour.

So another one of my favorite parts of Ephesus was the Theater, It was HUGE and so amazing. Austin even did a little ballet performance there (secret footage in the video)

little fact: Used to seat around 44,000

Ephesus was fascinating and such a fun way to end our week tour along the coast of Turkey!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


next...PAMUKKALE (means "Cotton Castle" in Turkish)

These hot springs have been around since the second centruy BC, and the Romans used them to bathe. Basically they are hot springs that are on travertine, and limestone which is what give it that white snowy look. ha ha a little science for you

So after Cappadocia we headed over to the next natural wonder...and it was amazing! We got there late so we thought we should go check it out at was so awesome!!

I totally felt like I was walking on the moon, and it was awesome because there was NO ONE there so we had the most amazing view all to ourselves.

I love this picture!!after our night exploring....we were ready for our day adventure

Next morning we put on our bathing suits, and went to play in the water....

just lounging in some streams
I loved the pools they were so cool
ha ha Austin totally submergedThen after you hike up all of the hot springs they have all of these roman ruins up top it was so so cool!

Such an amazing place, we loved it so much!!!