Friday, August 28, 2009

San Sebastian Spain PART ONE

Wow there is so much to blog about San Sebastian...i dont think i can do it in all one post.

Well Austins video pretty much captured how are first week in San Sebastian Spain was like...seriously the best time EVER! We had no idea it was Le Semana Grande when we arrived, which is basically a huge week long festival of live music, vendors, street preformers, people EVERYWHERE and the most unbelievable fire work shows every night right on the beach. And to top off the best week to arrive we also met the best person WHEN we arrived...Gonzo and thus our stay in Spain begins...

We ended up finding a place from some members of the church, they dont speak ANY English so sometimes its hard for me but Austin is pretty fluent so he is there to translate :)
But they are seriously so incredibly nice and i love them and especially their little daughter Viviana or Vivi!

This is our room...Austin sleeping :)

The view outside our window...


Vivi again...
the family we are staying with...(Ingrid and Havier)

Right after we met Gonzo he took us to the most beautiful view overlooking our new home for the next month

So let the festivities begin.... (here are some pictures from Le Semana Grande) just a quick recap of what was on Austins Video

Lots of Pinchos (which are appetizer like foods... there in EVER bar, you just walk in and start putting stuff on a plate!)
Gonzo took us to eat some the first night we were there. We tried some pretty crazy stuff but I will get into that later...

ha ha which one is his wife?? These are some of the nicest girls that we met...some of Gonzo's friends, we were all hanging out by the pier watching a midnight surf contest

Gonzo, Cameron and Austin all geared up in their boardies to watch the fireworks in the water

All of us eating dinner on the beach before the show.... Gonzo brought some homemade sandwiches with some cheese that his family buys from the local Shepard...yes that is what i said cool is that?? It was the best cheese ever!!!

About an hour before the show the whole beach and streets literally fill up with tons and tons and TONS of people....
Amazing Sunset before the firework show....

RIGHT before the show....again so beautiful!

More sunset pictures...
AND MORE sunset pictures...i couldnt help it we were at the beach for 6 nights watching fireworks and i saw so many incredible sunsets
One of the days we were walking to the carnival and seriously 50 kids started yelling and running out of this street...we were like what the... ha ha then we saw these big headed guys running after them with balloons and hitting them it was so funny!!! and following them was a parade. Im not sure what or who those big headed guys were supposed to be, but it was funny!

Crazy crowded streets....

One of the nights we thought we should watch the firework show overlooking all of San we brought some dinner..some chocolate croissants and sat and watched the show.

Dancing in the club till 4!

So pretty much for a week we had Gonzo the best guy ever show us around and really help us experience the week long party!! Carnivals, parades, live music, performers, food more food and more food and of course FIREWORKS!!!
Thanks GONZO we had the best time :)

whew...well San Sebastian part two is coming soon :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Sebastian, Spain-One eventful day....

So Spain is unbelievable. The countryside, the people, the everything! We just so happened to get lucky and arrive in San Sebastian on the first day of La Semana Grande, (The Big Week). Nobody really knows the history of it but we think it's pretty much just an excuse to party and have a firework contest. Each night there is a firework show put on by a different city and there are judges that judge color, rhythm, size, etc... It was by far the best fireworks we've ever seen, especially because they explode right on top of you! haha. So this video is pretty much what everyday was like during La Semana Grande.

P.S. Ugh... I'm really sorry about the quality of the video... I'm trying to get down my compression specifications...

P.S.S. Yes, Gonzalo really IS the Prince of Spain! (Well at least to us anyway...)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well I have been working on this blog for a few weeks on and off and Im done! I just wanted a blog where I could share my Photography, things I see and love or pretty much just simple things that make me happy...Its pretty much just my Inspiration Blog but please check it out!


(here is the link)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweden Clip

Don't get too excited... This isn't that spectacular. Just had some old footage from Lund Sweden that I forgot to post. It's short and nothing special, just a cool old town outside of Malmo. Yes we're in Spain right now (having the time of our lives), so don't get confused with the Sweden footage haha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Germany and Italy and a fond farewell!!!

Wow I have not posted in awhile so I am a little behind....


Well I can honestly say we didn't see to much of Germany (ha ha mostly from our crazy road trip in our rental car) but we did get to stay with the sweetest girl in Frankfurt, Jenni!! We found her on couch surfing and she was so sweet to us and so much FUN! When we got there we all went out to dinner and she introduced us to the most delicious kebab restaurant (hands down the best we have had). She has the cutest apartment we had so much fun just hanging out and talking, Im hoping we get to go see her again!! Thanks Jenni for everything, and for the amazing map we never got to use!!!!

Saying good bye in Sweden.....

Well on our last night in Sweden we wanted to take Rolf and Annette out to dinner because they made our time in Sweden so special....the food was extremely tasty...and the company amazing as always...they even gave us a Swedish key chain

yes those amazing fluffs are potatoes....and they were pretty fantastic

This is probably the first real salad I have had the whole trip...and if anyone knows me I LOVE my salads...oh how I miss those leafy greens :(The day before we were able to go and see Michelle and Helene for one last time, she gave us each Swedish soccer shirts ha ha they are amazing, we are really going to miss that sweet duo!

Good bye Sweden and to everyone that made our stay there so incredibly wonderful!!!


Well Italy was amazing basically because I got to see my friend Staci!!!! She is in Rome for 2 months for work (how cool is that???) so i was excited to go and see her. Me and Austin flew into Pisa and then took a train to Florence for the day...i just love that city....but i was so excited to go to the Uffizi Museum! They have one of my favorite paintings of all time there and it was truly amazing to see it in real life and so close up...

I loved this
...Italian painter and vespa parkingOutside the museum

Here is a picture of my favorite painting... we couldnt take pictures in the museum so this is off the Internet....

So stinkin sweaty on the train ride....
After spending the day in Florence we took a train down to Rome to see my pal! So Staci felt the need to give us a wedding present (even though she didnt need to AT ALL) so her idea was to take us out to dinner all three nights we were there!!! Seriously it was the best wedding present ever, getting to eat dinner in Rome with one of my friends!! Thanks so much Staci you are seriously so amazing! And to top it all off she let us stay with her!! It was so fun to see Rome with her :)

So the night we arrived in Rome we went back to a very special place... (I think most know that story)...who knew that two years ago when I left a treasure in the walls of the Vatican city, for this guy I was "sort of" dating, that I would be able to come back to the same spot as his wife!!!

ha ha yes we are that lame that we did cool are our hand made Michale's craft crowns that they had for us? they really went all out!
So they have these drinking fountains all over Rome and you just plug the hole with your finger...are there you have it...the water is seriously so good!!

One day while me and Austin were wandering was seriously like a million degrees outside so we stuck our feet in a fountain along with a bunch of other people...ha ha we even saw a grandma get in and start swimming around and doing the backstroke...yes the backstroke in the fountain...needless to say she got in trouble :)
The Vatican and us striking a pose

YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!ha ha doesnt look easy to ride

ha ha so one day we were walking back from the Vatican and Staci said she always wanted to lift up one of the loose stones on the walk way and see if there was a treasure Austin being the buff man that he is, helped her accomplish this dream of hers...well...sadness...there was nothing underneath so we decided that for the next adventurer to look under a loose stone WE would leave a little treasure (or note) ha ha it was fun :)
Yay Italy once again you did not disappoint!! Thanks Staci for everything we had the most amazing time!!