Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well thanks to Bob Davis and the Goldenwest ward Austin and I got to tag along to the Clippers game last monday night! It was the best! I love basketball so much and we had such amazing seats, 5 rows back from the court. The Clippers ended up losing the game but we did have a celebrity sighting... Jessica Alba ha very fun :)

ha ha Austin and Fronk wearing matching sweatshirts, shoes, and pants (totally not planned)..arnt they a cute couple?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fire Safety

So does anyone know what to do when you have a grease fire? Well there is the standard thing to do... cover it up with a lid or something...but what it its coming from the inside of the burner?? ha ha well I learned the hard way. Last week Austin and I had the missionaries over for dinner...well I was making chimichangas which you deep fry and then I was making homemade tortilla strips...I threw all the tortilla strips into the oil at the same time and it started to overflow onto the burner. A couple min later I look over and there is a huge fire coming from the stove... well the missionaries hopped up and one told me to throw flour on it...and IT WORKED. So if anyone out there has a grease fire and are not sure how to put it out, just throw some flour on it! Ha ha.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cutting Edge 3

So last week me and Austin met up in redondo beach with some of my friends to go ice skating! It was so much fun :) Ha ha we were doing tricks and dance moves in the middle of the rink forever. There was a DJ so they were playing some pretty fantastic dance music. We played the game of skate and at one point me made a train (with Austin in the lead) and as we skated around Austin would convince people to grab on, soon we had almost the whole rink attatched to our train! It was so funny! The train was HUGE! As the night went on Austin started to get really good... he was doing spins and turns and leg lifts he was like a natural ice skating champ, all he needed was a sparkley leotard and he would have been set! All in all it was such a fun night with my favorite people.

Me and Jody trying to do some serious couples ice skating moves!

ha ha some of those professional moves i was talking about :)

I think Austin looks so stinkin cute in the picture :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I just love that state :) So Chirstmas night me and Austin flew up to spend time with my family up in Washinton for a week. When we got there it was dumping snow my mom was nervous if she would even be able to pick us up.... so tecnically we had a white christmas yay! Well it was a lot of fun up there mostly we just vegged out at my moms, played with the dogs in the snow and watched movies. But a few days me and Austin went into Seattle, which is seriously the best city. I took him to the Seattle Science Center. It was an all day affair. We went to a Beattles laser show (which was pretty overstimulating, but hey it was the beattles so it was great!) then we went around and looked at all the exibits and played around it was so fun, i felt like a kid. But seriously one of the best parts of the whole place was the tropical butterfly exibit. It is so cool you go into this huge heated room with all these tropical plants and there are hundreds of butterflys flying all around you and you can just sit and watch them, some landed on Austin. They were amazing!

My mom has a pet boarding business and so she had two dogs stay with her while we were there this is Jabba running ha ha he cracks me up!!
Austin throwing Moose snowballs, he was such a rad dog.
Me and Austin laying on the floor at the laser was pretty cool just cause you got to lay there on the floor and watch the show on the ceiling.

This butterfly started out on his hand and then walked up his arm and neck and then ended up on his head it was so funny :)

So on new years eve me and Austin went to the EMP (experience music project) It is so much fun it has a bunch of exhibits about all these different musicians and then they have all of these hands on exhibits. We did this thing where you go on stage and there is a virtual crowd sceaming and singing and real stage lights and we perform on stage ha ha it was very cool you really feel like your perfoming for this huge crowd. Then we went into some of the recording booths and jammed... you can play drums guitar or piano... its such a fun place. After we went and got some thai food and walked around pike place market. This was a sculpure in the middle of the building, it is a bunch of different cool!

Austin took a picture of me through one of our glasses.

After our night out on the town we ended up at my sisters apartment in Seattle and helped her we were pretty tired and decided to spend the rest of the night at home with my mom and watch the ball drop. ha ha i wanted to be festive so i made each of us paper new years hats.
..........HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!..............