Monday, October 27, 2008

Newport Harbor

Im a little behind.... So our date night last week was a lot of fun! We went out on a paddle boat around newport harbor, brought dinner and ate it out on our little boat as the sun went down it was seriously so beautiful. Sometimes i honestly forget what a beautiful place we live in. While we were paddeling around we saw the best thing ever, 5 fat sea lions had jumped up on someones boat and were just laying there ha ha it was so funny. We kept paddling up close so we could get a better look. I wish so bad we had seen them jump on there. All in all it was such a great date with such a wonderful guy :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Im married to the Sundance Kid!

So Austin has been growing a mustache, for about 3 weeks now...and it is in full form. Ha ha He is starting to look just like Robert Redford from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"! Supposedly it is going to disappear soon after Halloween, im hoping, but we will see. I have to admit sometimes he can look awfully cute :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Forever in Blue Jeans

Well what can i say... i love Neil Diamond! Me, Jody and Bekah all went to a Neil Diamond Concert last thursday at the Hollywood Bowl. It was amazing! We made t-shrits the night before and put a picture of Neil with a purple sparkle shirt on the front, and then on the back we wrote...NEIL TO THE DIAMOND. People loved are t's so much, they kept asking us where we got them. We also wore purple sparkly head bands...why? Just cause! Bekah, being the amazing friend that she is, made us each CD's and our own personal song book ha ha it was so funny!! The concert was so much fun! We literaly sat in the very last row which actually ended up being way better cause we had plenty of room to dance. All in all Neil's preformance was superb like always. Till next year Neil!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Our honeymoon was legendary. We did a little road trip up to Washington (where we had another wedding reception). We stayed in Carmel for two nights and then on the Oregon coast for another 3 nights. It was amazing... Carmel was edible and the place we stayed was a little bed and breakfast.

It looked like a little European cottage. Our room was so cute and we had our own outside patio where we ate our oh so delicous breakfast. One of the days we were there we went on a hike close to Big Sur. The hike was so beautiful at first but then it started to get really intense and i was starting to get depressed like it would never come to an end....But WE DID IT!

The view was amazing and the way back was much
better ha ha. On our way up to Oregon we drove throughthe Redwood forest. The trees there were so enormous it was awesome!! After the redwoods we made a quick stop to see our friend Pauly B. It was fun to catch up. After the detour we continued onward for another 10 hours till we got to Newport Oregon.

We stayed at Austin's relatives amazing was so beautiful!!! We were expecting a quaint condo near the ocean but found a million dollar beach house on the sand all to our selves!!! We flew kites, yup kites. After 3 amazing nights we continued up to my moms house in good ole home town Washington to have our other reception. My mom's house was incredibly cute! It was a backyard reception covered by beautiful lights with my mom's garden flowers accenting everything!

It was nice driving up and then flying back, except we forgot that we'd have to take everything back on the plane that we hauled up in our rental car. Austin was sweet and volunteered to try to "carry on" what wouldn't fit in our bags. When he got it all together to get ready to board the plane I almost had a heart attack laughing because he looked like a crazy man roaming the terminal...

All in all it was an amazing honeymoon. It was so relaxing and a perfect way to start our lives off together. Austin did such a phenominal job planning the whole thing...I just love that guy!


hi HI HI! Welcome to the new and improved Walk family blog! Hope you enjoy!!!