Sunday, December 28, 2008

I LOVE Christmas!

I have been so busy soaking up all of the christmas fun that I havent had a chance to write about any of it so here goes...Well i am pretty much obsessed with christmas, everything about it, and Austin being the wonderful husband that he is, ha ha and knowing my love for everything christmas, surprised me and took me to Balboa Island to get hot chocolate and walk around looking at all of the amazing christmas lights! It was the best :)

This house made me laugh. It had like twenty little singing snowmen out side all singing different songs!

Well i loved Balboa Island so much that me and my best friend Jody decided to go and get dinner down there...but little did we know that they were having a christmas boat parade down there with bands playing christmas music and everything it was the best!!

A week later Paige, being the hostest with the mostest, put on a christmas party for the girls :) It was a lot of fun especially to see everyone! It was a potluck and we all had to bring something and then bring a gift for a white elephant exchange. I made the dessert... it was a triple chocolate peppermint trifle...ha ha it was hard to make but turned out pretty yummy! ha ha and to end the night with a bang...literally! Jody sat on one of the glass tables in the living room and it completely shattered and Jody fell through! It was really scary because she was just laying there in a pile of shattered glass but then after we got her out we all started laughing it was pretty amaing, and Jody felt so bad! Overall it was a lot of fun :)

OH CHRISTMAS TREE OH CHRISTMAS TREE! So me and Austin got our first christmas tree! It was the best! We had plenty of ornaments because Austins grandparents gave them an ornament every christmas since they were born so that when they got married they would have a whole bunch to put on the tree, i think that is the best idea. We put it up after the ward christmas party.... It was so beautiful! My favorite was just sitting there in my living room with just our christmas lights on, it made me so happy :)

Doesnt our living room look so cute? ha ha these decorations were up the first week in December :)

And now we end with Christmas Day! So on christmas eve we spent the night with Tami and Dirk so that we could all wake up christmas morning together. It was so much fun because Cody, Stacey, baby Chloe and Cory were all able to come to town. We woke up and all had to march down stairs together and come look at the christmas tree...then we ate strawberry crepes (which is a walk family tradition) and then opened presents :) ha ha even junior got to open a present ha ha it was the best! After that we all sat and watch a movie and then me and Austin went home to pack because we were heading up to Washington for a week to see my family!

Well Christmas is over but i had such a wonderful time celebrating it with all the people i love :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Billabong Bash

Well tis the season for christmas parties.... so last friday me and Austin went to my work christmas party. They definitely go all out. The decorations were so amazing I loved it, and of course the dancing was fun too. So many 80's songs..what more could you ask for? I just love everyone I work with!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well thanksgiving has come and gone. I had such a fun time this year we went up to Utah and hung out with the whole Walk (and Russell) family up at grandma and grandpa Dobsons beautiful house. I seriously had such a fun time hanging out with everyone and meeting all the new babies :) The house was up in the woods so it was fun going on the quad, playing outside, hiking, eating, more eating, and just staying all cozy inside with the family. On thanksgiving day we all went around the table and said all of the things that we were thankful for. I am seriously so blessed for all of the wonderful things that i have in my are some more things that i am thankful for....

My wonderful Husband and best friend
Dark Chocolate
My amazing hardworking and loving MomFrozen Yogurt any time...any where
Warm Fires
Beautiful landscapes and sunsets
The new addition to my family the Walks!
My job
Dirk and Tami and their kindness and love
My sister and her amazing passion and sense of humor
Christmas! My favorite time of year.
Uncontrolable laughter
Movies and popcorn
Austins sense of humor and his ability to always make me laugh
All of the sweet and thoughful things Austin does for meSnow
All of the beautiful templesthe fantastic friendships that i have
Jody and all the times we are just weird together
Acts of kindness
Lifes Surprises or just surprises in generalFlowers
and everything else that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with