Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ireland Country Side

Well first off I want to say thank you for all of the amazing
comments from everyone! It makes me happy and it feels like
Im really not that far away when I still hear from everyone,

Well the country side in Ireland has by FAR been my favorite part of the beautiful country it is honestly breathtaking! So SO SO much GREEN and cows and sheep ha ha its awesome. You just drive through miles of nothing but fields and then you come to some cute little town I just loved it. So here we go.....

Driving this is a picture from the car...

We went to some very famous places in Ireland.... first was the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge its in the most beautiful landscape and you cross this little rope bridge (mom dont look ha ha you would have died) over this big raveen and you cross over to MORE beautiful fields on a rocky ledge it was so awesome!!!

Hiking to the bridge...

This Guy Was SO ANNOYED at me for stopping and posing in the middle of the bridge
(I guess someone was afraid of heights ha ha)


NEXT... we headed over to the Giants Causeway which was soooo cool. I guess the story goes that there was a Giant named Finn McCool and he built the Causeway so that he could go fight his arch-nemesis in Scotland named Brenandonner (cause I guess they have the same thing over across the water in Scotland) Scientifically the columns were caused by volcanic eruptions in these pockets..... all in all it was AWESOME!

MORE pictures of driving through the country side.....

ONE of my favorite towns that we drove through so cute... I love the picture of the boats in the water....

This Town has to be my favorite in Ireland
. Its called Enniskillen and it was so nice I would totally live there! We ate lunch by the river it was the best, and then wandered through town and and found a hidden park all to ourselves overlooking everything... what fun :)
On a side note they had a store called TESCO, and it was the first real grocery store we had been to the whole trip i had a field day buying normal food :) ha ha that made me like the town even more!

This sign is the BEST... watch out for those Elderly People you never know when they might dash out in the middle of the street ha ha

Lastly we Drove all the way to Galway to see the CLIFFS OF MOHER we got there and slept in our car (worst night of sleep ive ever had ha ha me and Austin curled up in the back of the car with the seats down) But it was amazing because we were literally the only ones there when we woke up so we got to see the cliffs all alone and it was so amazing and peaceful!

Watch out! you might fall off the cliffs ha ha

Duh duh DUUUHHH....Last But not least...... my cow experience! Well we were driving by so many fields of cows and sheep that I asked Austin to pull over so I could take a picture. ha ha this made me laugh so hard.... after I got out of the car and started to walk over to take a picture it was like when someone walks into a dance club and the record scratches and everyone stops and stares.... they all stopped eating and just starred at me. Then once I got to the fence all the cows walked toward me and then just stood there right in front of me and stared at me ha ha with just no reaction. No matter what I did yell or laugh or wave grass in their faces they just stood there and stared! oh I still laugh when I think about it :) Then once I got back in the car they all dispersed and went back to eating. ha ha crazy cows!!

And that is it for Ireland!!
Next is Scotland and SWEDEN :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well we arrived in Belfast on Friday afternoon and met up with the couple that we were couch surfing with (its a web site where you meet up with people online and crash at their house, just in case your not sure what that means). It was the first time we were meeting them and seriously they are the coolest and sweetest couple ever we were so lucky! Nikolett and Istvan are both from Hungary and came to Ireland to study English! They were the best hosts ever and live in the cutest flat! We spent 4 nights with them so much fun.... (actually make that 5 im here right now, we just missed them way to much, so we came back)

They had a whole welcome package of pamphets for everything there is to do in Belfast. This is the view from their flat and this is a picture of them.... so cute :)

One night Nikolett cooked us a traditional Hungarian meal...
its called
BAKONYI SZELET.... it was sooooooooo good!

Nikolett took us around Belfast and brought us to see the University and the botanical gardens! I love the pic of Nikolett walking through the tropical gardens :)

Then they both took us to see the Belfast Castle.... How Amazing!!!!

Things I like....
What a fun way to say Yield :)
And if you didnt know I lOVE recycling, these little guys were all o
ver the city, way to GO GREEN!

Things Austin Likes....

Chocolate Milk (from Mike and Spencers)
ha ha caught red handed AGAIN!

Sorry had to share this... me getting my luggage!
Very Monumental ha ha!

well....Belfast was so much fun,

especially now that we met
two great people
that we now call friends!

Well so many pictures so little time but the best is yet to come.... We did a road trip through the country side, which is the true Ireland, green Green GREEN! (and my favorite pictures) Im so excited to share but for now it is time for bed but here is a sneak peek..... ha ha

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well this is the start of our journey at the airport...little did I know that was the last time I would see my bags for three days :( But I survived!

Well Dublin was so cool it was for sure the most confusing city we have ever been to it took us so long to find our way around, but all the architecture was the best! I took so many pictures so Im going to make a lot of collages so that I can put a lot of pictures on our blog.

Can we stop and talk about this sign? Does anyone know what this means?...because we thought it meant dont turn right ha ha but apparently not, because everyone was going right at these signs. Once again very confusing... but it made our drive all the more adventurous!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

slacker to the max!!!

Ok I know I know....I suck. I have been the worst blogger ever and so much has been going on.... First off, sorry for the lamo blog ha ha its totally under construction so welcome to the ghetto stage and second we are leaving on wednesday!!! ahhhh so much to do so little time. But dont you fret because we will be back up and blogging (on a prettier blog) in no time :)

Bon Voyage next time were blogging it will be in Ireland :)

Im gonna miss everyone so much!!!