Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Zealand part 2

My favorite day...
We have been in New Zealand for about 2 months and so far this was my favorite day. We went to 2 of the most amazing beaches I have ever been to
-hot water beach
-Cathedral cove

Hot water beach
is so cool....basically you dig a hole in the sand and you have BOILING hot you have little hot tubs everywhere. You have to mix in some cold ocean water or you pretty much scold your skin...its really neat.

Austin is NOT naked in this pic (even though he looks like he is)

ha ha Brad is just relaxing and enjoying it

Now Cathedral Cove....
It is so wonderful. You have to take a 40 min hike to get there and it is so breathtaking....and then you get to the beach and it looks like

AND I went swimming....and didn't even rash that much! yay it was so fun swimming out to this rock with Austin.

a little cave...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well I have to say when we got to New Zealand we didn't really do much. After 4 time changes and 4 flights we were pretty tired. So we just relaxed for a couple weeks, and soaked up some sun at the local beaches. Then we had to buy a car....then we had to find jobs....and after all was accomplished it was time to

Here are a few pics from a casual little hike we did one day. There are pretty much A MILLION fields in NZ, they are so beautiful I just love them.

our picture perfect poses....ha ha I loved this frame of the scenic view such a fun idea. For sure a picture opp

one of the many fields...its my favorite at sun set everything is so golden

Next we went to check out the Waitomo Caves. They are unreal! We heard about these glow worm caves and had to check it out. Unfortunately we couldn't take ANY picture inside the caves, it was not allowed. So here are just a few from the internet.....

these are what the glow worms look like up close. These arn't the actual worms but the sticky strings that they build to catch bugs....but they are so beautiful and delicate.

Well first you hike through a crazy cake (picture on the right) and then when you get to the very bottom it is pitch dark and this is where you see the glow worms. It was so incredible it was just a starry sky of little blue lights. And you are just floating in the dark, in a boat, in complete was so magical, I loved every second.
(the picture on the left is kind of weird cause it was really dark ha ha no spot lights on the boat)