Sunday, January 31, 2010


I must say I was really excited to see Dubai. It was so amazing because we got to see a little bit of everything, the older city and then the new (ridiculously expensive) city. I must say the UAE loves making the biggest and the best.

When we first got to Dubai we took a little boat ride around the was so beautiful and so much fun I loved every min!

our boat driver....

the line up of boats, or should I say TAXI's, because that is exactly what they were

some people going to and from work....

ha ha I loved the trash can filled with coconut drinks....not what you usually see

the beautiful ocean!! (Lisa, Anne, Scott and Austin)

ha ha I thought this sounded so weird....we love babies?? kind of creepy? and what do they share?

ha ha we saw this while on the was so you notice the CARS under all the boxs?

Saturday, January 30, 2010


GIVEAWAY!!! on my other blog...check it out.

most adorable hat :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

UAE continued.....

ABU DHABI....a little bit of randomness.

So the first day we were there we went out to lunch with the Price family and they took us to this hole in the wall place and it was SO SO tasty!!

just a table full of yum!

One of the days we went to the Emirates Palace, it was AMAZING! Its a hotel...and we kind of had to sneak in cause they don't let people just walk around. It was beautiful and there was GOLD EVERYWHERE!!! ha ha even on these little cakes....YES that is what I said pieces of REAL gold on these EAT them....WHAT?? they are that rich that you can eat gold ha ha it was crazy.

this may look like a painting but it is a CARPET!! yes a hand woven was awesome and absolutely huge, it covered the entire 2 story wall

Austin in the fountains outside the hotel...

We went to the fish was so awesome, but smelled NOT so awesome. When we walked out we saw this guy...and I had to take a picture....scary? yes a little :)

Abu Dhabi Sky line...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UAE- Abu Daubi

Well let me just say I am a total slacker....We are currently in New Zealand and have been to Malaysia, Australia and I still have to talk about the United Arab here goes....

Well we arrived in Abu Dhabi and were greeted by Gary Price (such a great guy) who took us to his beautiful home, we just loved their family.
(They were the family that we spent a week with in Oman.)

I cant even explain how rich this county is ha ha its so crazy. One of my favorite parts of Abu Daubi was their White Mosque it was the most beautiful building! It is the second biggest Mosque in the world (the first being Mecca in Saudi Arabia) so lets just say it was pretty magnificent. They spent about 1 billion dollars building it and during the whole tour...the guide was like "and this is plated in gold....and this is painted with gold.....and this IS solid gold."
(ha ha you can see how it would cost that much)

Well before I was even allowed on the Mosque grounds, Scott (Price) and Austin had to go and get me an Abaya to wear, (you can rent one from the Mosque... Woman have to wear one no matter what and the guys only have to wear a covering if they were in shorts)....even when my hair popped out I was told to hide it. It was pretty cool to get to wear one...but I must say they are REALLY toasty.

This was our guide....he was awesome and so funny!

tiny me...

This carpet was is the largest carpet in the world and they flew over 2000 woman from Saudi Arabia to sew it inside the Mosque....very cool! I liked this shot of the woman just standing there...

This is my favorite picture!

And this is the largest Chandelier in the is pretty huge!!

Austin with his new Muslim wife :)

More of the UAE to come.....some more Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

United Arab Emirates Clip

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and yes the White Mosque, with the biggest dome ('doom') in the world... (that is on a mosque)...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oman too!

oh sorry I forgot about this is my favorite!!!
(Oman too)

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Austin pretty much explained in his video...but we went on a week long trip with the Price and Kacher family and explored the country of OMAN. It was absolutely amazing, all of the hikes, the culture, the GOATS, camping, thousand year old tombs, Sloppy joes, camp fires, Sea turtles and beautiful was so unbelievable and so unforgettable.

GOATS everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE! They make me laugh...crazy goats

we were wandering through a small mountain town and this lady walked by....I love that picture

This hike was beautiful and nothing like I expected Oman to be like

I loved this see it as your leaving the Abu Dhabi boarder into Oman