Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hi everyone :) A couple people congratulated me on the video but Austin is the master mind and the videographer!! I didnt want to take the credit ha ha.


The Siple Family said...

My mom got me hooked on you blog. It is fun to see all your fun adventures and cute write-ups!

Ashley said...

way to go Austin! (and Sara. because with out you he couldn't have made the video right?)

Caleb and Casey said...

I loved the video! You guys look like you're having so much fun. Sara, you always look so cute and happy. Keep on posting the awesome pics, we love to see how the trip is going.

Happy Paws Dog Boarding said...

Charles bridge down town

After getting out of the Cathedral you come over to a view of the whole city of Prague! It is so amazing!

I have to say me and Austin have seen some pretty awesome things on this trip so far but when we turned the corner and saw the St. Vitus Cathedral for the first time we actually Gasped ha ha OUT LOUD! It is really THAT amazing!

Well we packed up some small backpacks (leaving most of our stuff in Sweden at the cabin we have been staying in) and did a mini trip to a few different countrys...and our first stop was Prague in the Czech Republic. This is probably one of the most beautiful cities we have seen!!

i cracked the davinci code! - hahaha I love these pictures they are amazing! :) - miss you