Sunday, October 11, 2009


Let me just sum up Madrid in a few words....

Gonzo's amazing house, water-balloons, futbol (soccer), eating, the Island game, cookies, playing, and pretty much just chillaxing!

so once again Gonzo and his brother Borja made our stay in Madrid oh so special. First off we stayed in their most amazing home with the best terrace ever. And every day we would eat breakfast outside and and just chill. The post might be a little scattered but here are some stories in no particular order....

1st.... let me introduce you to TASTE OF AMERICA.
Yes that is exactly what it is..a taste of America. They have everything name a few, brown sugar, peanut butter, skittles, measuring cups, vanilla extract, nerds, brownie mixes, bagels and much much more. This store pretty much has everything that doesn't exist or is extremely hard to find in Madrid. After Gonzo bought the supplies we were off to make some good ole American cookies. Which is pretty much what we ate every single day while in Madrid. (I guess you just start to miss the small stuff after awhile)

2nd... Laydown. Well Austin did a little video about this place but Gonzo took us out to dinner one night to this amazing restaurant where you lay in beds watch a show and eat. I mean what more could I ask for...lounging and eating. It is really cool and the music was awesome and the food... unbelievable!
(we even tried's thin slices of raw meat...yes a little scary but i guess really popular)

me and Austin on our bed :)our little table we eat off of...
3rd...Waterballoons.Well let me just start out by saying i didn't have anything to do with this debauchery but I did watch. (not true, Sara hucked a couple off the terrace without even looking!) So for Austin's birthday I bought him a pack of water-balloons..well he would throw one here or there but THEN we got to Gonzos and he lives in a huge apartment on the ninth floor, has a patio, and is right across from a street with about 20 taxis every day all needless to say he was excited. lets just say they threw water-balloons at the taxis all the time and before we left Austin had turned Gonzo into a water balloon monster (he ended up being more addicted than Austin)

4th... Six Flags...well sort of.
So they have a mini six flags in Madrid and Borja and Gonzo took us. It was a lot of are some of my favorite pics.

ha ha right before we left they wanted to go on this weird spinney ride (which i opted not to ride). It ended up being really really lame and not fun at all...this was captured right after it was over...ha ha they were so disappointed and Austin was so uncomfortable!
5th..The Bernebeu!! (real Madrid soccer stadium)
Well Gonzo's family has season tickets to Real Madrid and so they get free tours when ever. So they brought us! (A few weeks later Austin went with Gonzo to a Game!)

the field

this is where the team sits during the game... a streaker ran across the field ha ha not really...but seriously...
the museum
our press conference...

Austin and the FAKE Casillas...

Austin and the REAL Casillas...yes he actually got to meat him weeks later. We were just lounging outside and he drove up in his car so Austin got an autograph and a little chat.

Gonzo chatting with him...
6th.... The Madrid Temple.
How amazing is this picture...i took this right after conference it looked so pretty at night
We had a chance to go to the temple and do Sealings...then we spent the next two days at a conference-athon. Cause of the time difference they show like 4 sessions in one day but it was so wonderful I loved every second!

7th...Just random pics of Madrid

relaxing on Gonzo's terace

the view from his pretty

Gonzo and Nieto

look he really is a PRINCE!

Thanks Spain and especially to Gonzo and Borja for everything that they did for us. We are so blessed that we met them and can now call them friends. I hope one day we can do as much for them as they did for us!
We love you guys :)


Caleb and Casey said...

You guys look like you are having so much fun! I love checking your blog to see all the great adventures that you are both on. How many countries have you been to so far?
Hey, what are you guys doing for Halloween? I need help coming up with a cool idea for a couples costume. You guys always have great ideas. If you think of anything, let me know.

RussellsRoost said...

Hey guys!! What a fun post! Madrid looks awesome! Seth tossed a water balloon at a car one time and ended up having to pay for the windshield. The guy slammed on his brakes and chased him and his friends and they had to split the cost. Not fun. Hopefully nothing like that happend to you guys :)

melissa said...

tell gonzo i love him too

reefonline said...

thanks to you guys for dropping by and making this city such a cool place :)

enjoy the rest of your trip!

Gonzo said...

we love you too!!! and we miss you... thank you for everything, hope to see you VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!